Media Literacy event promotes diplomacy through the IVLP

Media Literacy IVLP 4913 event

In 2013 I had the amazing privilege of attending a Media Literacy event through IVLP, a program of the Institute of International Education in San Francisco.

The evening event included a panel with speakers from Nepal, Armenia and Lebanon, and our own Storify representative who was helping to lay a foundation for the attendees and this important event.

You can view the Storify story here:
Media Literacy at the IVLP with 20 countries

I spoke with several individuals including representatives from Bahrain, Oman, Armenia, Nepal, and Ms. Reham Owda of the Palestinian Territories.

In the months since this event I have established an association with Reham, who is a political analyst living in Gaza City. Reham answers my many questions about life in Gaza. We are building a bank of work which will eventually become a book to share the human side of life in what is spoken of by Gaza City residents as “an open air prison.”

The Institute of International Education provides excellent opportunities to expand our understanding of unfamiliar cultures and promote a peaceful world.

Suzanna Stinnett


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