Meeting the world through IVLP – China

Suzanna with six leaders from China at the IVLP in SF

In November of 2012 I had the experience of a lifetime. Between rainstorms I trundled off to the State Department’s International Visitor’s Leadership Program offices in San Francisco. There at the foot of Chinatown in a small conference room I met with six of the People’s Republic of China’s best and brightest, the leaders of the major social networks QQ and Tianya, along with their fellow delegates from Universities and other web portals. Two translators brilliantly bridged our conversation about new media and the future of publishing in our respective countries. Here we are after an amazing couple of hours together, having shared ideas, cultural differences (huge) and possibilities for future collaboration.

From left to right:
Ms. Bei Zhong, New Media, Chengdu Evening News
Suzanna Stinnett, Bay Area Bloggers Society
Singer (Xingle) Yu, Editor-in-Chief,
Kevin (Kai) Yu, Vice President, Tencent QQ – Dachu
Dr. Wang Xiao Yu, Assoc. Professor, Tongii University,
Ge Liu, Chief Editor,, China Daily Group
Huazi (Shouhua) Wei, Editor-in-Chief,


Suzanna Stinnett is an author living in the San Francisco Bay area. She's the founder of Bay Area Bloggers Society and the author of "Little Shifts."